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Importance of the Drug Test During Employment Background Screening Human capital is fundamental in any business activity. It is true to say that there is no business without human resources. Even with extensive physical capital outlay, the business requires high level of human capital. Businesses appreciate this and therefore want to hire only the best candidate. Thus, employment background screening has become an integral part of recruiting human capital. Background screening helps the companies weed out undesirable characters in their teams by only hiring employee with the highest level of integrity and standards. Drug testing has been added to employment background screening for justifiable reasons. You will learn good reason why it is prudent for you to request your potential employees to undergo a voluntary drug testing. Drugged individuals exhibit some traits that are not good for production. They are not suited to attend to customers as they are highly irritable. There are times when customers won’t come to buy but to complain about your service or products. Such a drugged attendant will easily become irritated and serve the customer with rudeness. Such an action will lead to a loss of the client good will and bad image in the public both of which are harmful to your business.Every business has desires to give the highest level of care to its customers with a sober mind. Individuals who are on drugs tend to be violent. This can lead to disputes between them and their supervisors. If they are seniors, they may become a hell for the juniors. To some degrees, a talented junior will choose to go without job than persevering the hard employment life. At the end, your business will have lost skills that would have been so critical in lifting it to another level. It is possible for such individual to be violent with their tools. They can injure others while using them. Even they don’t injure any person, they can mishandle the tools and cause breakages.
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Drugged workers tend to be out of reality. They can even go beyond the necessary levels of an activity or do something contrary to the expectation. Since drugs impair judgment, it is not suitable to let a drug controlled employee to hold a decision-making post. Other times are when they are absent minded and easily forget their current engagement. Can you imagine of an employee who is selling to a customer and then moves out with completing the transaction. It would be a shame to your business as well loss of business. The productivity of employees who are under substance control is usually below optimal levels.
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Bearing in mind that you want to promote your business interest, hiring drug screen employee is prudent. Contact them for a brief description of your needs.