I Love the Big Changes That Happened in My Work and Personal Life

I wanted to get into acting at a very early age. My elementary school told us that we would be putting on a school play. I landed the lead part of princess, and that is when I fell in love with acting. Now, as an adult, I’m doing all that I can to continue to pursue acting as a career. I was hired by a well known theme park to be one of their park princesses for all the guests who visit. This meant I needed to look apartments for rent in Orlando right away. I was absolutely excited, but everything was moving so fast. I needed to move quickly so that I could start working by my start date.

I had been living with my parents up until the point that I got the job. I did my best at the audition for the part I tried out for. I did a lot of research to find out what this company was looking for. I wanted to work there so badly. I did not want to screw up and find myself needing to wait another year before I could audition again. On the big day, I was super nervous. You do not want that to show when you’re auditioning, so I calmed myself down and sat down for 30 minutes of meditation to clear my head. It worked. I felt strong and ready to take on anything. I was pretty sure that I would land the part and, of course, I did.

Because I had been living with my parents, I was pretty excited about finding a place of my own. My dad went with me to look for a new place. He was full of great advice. I rented a two bedroom place because I wanted one separate room for all my costumes and things for work. Dad even helped me move all of my things to the new place, too.